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2020 CFPB Anniversary Special Report

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According to industry experts the CFPB has mixed views on how focused the agency is on regulation and enforcement issues. There is, however, a consensus that the bureau is focusing on borrowers in distress during the public health crisis.

In addition to helping borrowers who are in danger of losing their homes because of the pandemic, the bureau also is providing guidance to mortgage servicers struggling to keep up with the demand for help. Another priority is fair lending, and dealing with the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision on the bureau’s constitutionality. Our experts detail the CFPB’s impact on their industry and what lies ahead.

Download your free copy and read more on:

  • The pandemic and the constitutionality decision rocked CFPB
  • The new focus for the bureau
  • A CFPB wish list from the title industry
  • Has new leadership brought clarity or confusion?
  • Bureau communications which are on the rise

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