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2020 Cybersecurity Special Report

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Cybersecurity has become an even more heightened focus in 2020, as bad actors look to take advantage of remote workers and home networks. The introduction of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) two years ago launched a wave of state regulations around data and privacy, and the law began to be enforced July 1.

That law, though, is just the beginning. In the wake of the pandemic, states proposed hundreds bills or resolutions that deal with data and cybersecurity. States are pushing hard to increase regulation and penalties to further regulate cybercrime. Additionally, states are implementing task forces, advisory boards, training, and more to support programs dealing with response and preparedness.

Thanks to sponsor Cloudstar, you can download your free copy of the report and learn more about:

  • The state of the CCPA
  • Safety surrounding new RON implementation
  • The growth of the NAIC Data Security Model Law
  • The rise of ransomware attacks

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