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Community Institutions PDF Special Report

Community Institutions PDF Special Report

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President Ronald Reagan once remarked that “the nine most terrifying words in the English Language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”

That expression has been tossed around a lot recently, and for good reason. Like caped crusaders who stand for “truth, justice and the American way,” regulators are firmly committed to saving the public from lenders, lenders from each other and individual institutions from themselves. As Comptroller of the Currency Thomas Curry recently explained, the OCC now sees potential risk in “every activity and product of an institution.”

Regulators who scrutinize everything? There’s a terrifying prospect.

Thankfully, The Community Institutions Report is here to bring you inside the Bat Cave by keeping you up to date on the latest regulations, guidance and proposals impacting smaller institutions. You’ll also find information on federal legislation of interest to community lenders and updates on the industry’s effort to bring about workable government policies.

The goal of the report is to help you carry out what is becoming an almost superhuman challenge these days — providing the credit that communities need to get back on their feet.

This 20 page PDF special report from the editors of Dodd Frank Update includes a feature story and over 15 feature news reports, agency actions, studies and reports including:

  • House Democrats propose overdraft overhaul
  • Republicans seek assurances on CFPB rulemaking process
  • CFPB releases details on loan originator compensation rulemaking
  • Live MBA coverage: Stevens says QM is ‘most important’ mortgage rule
  • Fed outlines early impact of new debit card interchange caps

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