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New Rules of Compliance Special Report

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The evolution of compliance has been swift since the adoption of the Dodd-Frank Act 10 years ago. Changing focuses for federal and state regulators have kept compliance teams alert and busy. Furthermore, the explosion of reg tech capabilities is changing the way compliance officers and attorneys perform their duties, and the scope of what those duties are.

This special report, New Rules of Compliance, provides you with an understanding of how we got to this point, and what kinds of opportunities are available for compliance teams in the industry. Experts from banking, credit unions, compliance attorneys and tech examine all of the moving parts and provide insight into what's ahead.

The report is available for free to Dodd Frank Update subscribers.

Get your copy of this special report to learn more about:

» Banks and credit unions changing their focus

» The transformation of compliance departments through tech

» Technology’s role in compliance as it ramps up

» The never-ending story of compliance work

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